Global challenges from different perspectives 2024

Abr 5, 2024

Global challenges from different perspectives 2024

This year in AP Seminar students explored the UN Sustainable Development Goals and did research about different global challenges of their choice to develop critical thinking and research skills. The projects started with research questions and selection of academic sources in databases such as JSTOR, Gale, and EBSCO. Students worked in groups to do research about their topics through multiple-lens analysis and collaboration to produce individual research reports that analyze the challenges and team multimedia presentations to propose holistic solutions. 

These are some comments from AP Seminar students and a special guest:

“Presenting a months’ worth of work in just ten minutes gave me feelings of relief and nostalgia. My group feels pride for what we were able to achieve together. I can’t believe it’s over.” María Paula B, 10° student.

“I had never been so nervous in my life. I thought I wasn’t capable, but with my group’s support everything went well. I’m extremely grateful for such a great superstar group”. Juan José R, 10° student.

“I had the opportunity to listen to a few presentations and I was floored by the depth of the students’ research and most significantly by their public speaking abilities. Their research questions, the different perspectives covered, and the structured and persuasive delivery all made for a fantastic academic experience. Congratulations!” Marcela Junguito, Deputy Head of School.

Perspectives about global challenges

Responsible Consumption and Production: Transition, Challenges, Strategies

Martina T., Juan Jacobo F., and Mariana R.

Navigating the Renewable Energy Revolution

Santiago A., Juan J., and Juan P.

Inequality and Armed Conflict in Colombia

María P., Gabriella C., and Sara S.

Beyond the Virus Reforms in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries after Covid 19

María Pía A., Emilia H., and Ernesto S.

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