Donations and Funds

Development Office

Colegio Los Nogales’ Development Office is responsible for executing fundraising strategies to implement the school’s Operative Plan and for projects and initiatives approved by the Board of Trustees. In this way, it contributes to the fulfillment of the school’s institutional mission.

The Development Office has a Committee made up of the President of the Board of Trustees, the Head of School, the President of the Parents’ Association, the President of the Alumni Association, parents, and alumni.

Solidarity Fund

This fund was created during the 2017-2018 school year with the aim of supporting families at Colegio Los Nogales who are experiencing economic difficulty by assisting with fees for outside therapy, tutoring, cafeteria service, transportation, technology, school supplies, texts and materials, and other additional costs that these families may incur.

Since it was established, more than $180,000,000 pesos have been collected from nearly 200 families, supporting 72 students who have received 80 different types of assistance. You can become one of the Solidarity Fund’s donors, which will provide it with more resources year after year to support more families and students in difficult economic situations.

No donation is ever too small. We are happy to receive contributions for any amount, and these funds will be used directly by families from Colegio Los Nogales.

Our sincere thanks for your generosity and commitment to the Colegio Los Nogales community!

For more information about donations, contact the Development Office at extension 151 or email

Fund for Financial Support

As part of our commitment to the democratization of education in Colombia, we have allocated a significant part of our resources to create a Financial Support Program to 1) provide support in the event of temporary economic difficulties among the families in our community; 2) grant scholarships to our teachers’ children; and 3) welcome students with outstanding talent and merit who come from families that share the school’s philosophy but face economic barriers to enrollment.

For more information about the different financial support programs that the school offers, click here.

For more information about donations, contact the Development Office at extension 151 or email

John Paul II Fund

The John Paul II Fund was created more than 25 years ago at the suggestion of Monsignor Roberto Ospina, Colegio Los Nogales’ spiritual advisor, in order to support the education of the children of school employees. The beneficiaries are the children of cafeteria, cleaning, maintenance and administrative support staff who are of school age and demonstrate outstanding academic achievement.

The Fund currently has three types of support, providing school supplies that benefit approximately 45 children of the school’s cleaning, cafeteria, and maintenance staff, as well as tuition assistance in the event of an economic or family emergency, and some extraordinary circumstances aid.

For more information about donations, contact the Development Office at extension 151 or email

Donation cards

Condolence cards are offered for those who wish to make a donation in memory of a loved one, as well as celebration cards for births, birthdays, first communions and anniversaries. The minimum suggested donation is $60,000 pesos, for which the donor will receive a card to be delivered. Donations can be made to the John Paul II Fund or the Zasqua Biorefuge to purchase a tree (unmarked).

To order a card, contact the Development Office at extension 151 or email

CLN Alumni Project Fund

Since 1999, it has been a tradition for seniors to leave their mark on the Alumni Wall. The donated bricks have a cost of $165,000 pesos each (discounts may apply) and they are marked with the former student’s name and graduation year. They are part of the outer wall of the library and a new space in front of it, which currently has more than 200 bricks donated by alumni from different graduating classes. The funds collected from this campaign go to the CLN Alumni Association and its projects.

For donations, please contact the Alumni Association by emailing