Our Accreditations

Council of International Schools

This is an accreditation granted to international schools that have the best educational practices with a focus on student learning and global citizenship. The quality and rigor of the CIS international accreditation is recognized around the world as a sign of the school’s commitment to high-quality international education.

New England Association of Schools and Colleges

With the goal of maintaining the highest levels of academic excellence, this accreditation is based on a series of rigorous standards that a school must meet, such as ongoing research, best teaching practices, and compliance with government regulations in the country where each institution operates. The NEASC accreditation is a globally recognized standard of excellence because it ensures a high-quality learning experience and because it is an effective methodology for school improvement and growth.

International Curriculum

Ap Program College Board

The College Board’s college-level courses and exams that make up the AP® (Advanced Placement®) Program offer students who are academically prepared and wish to pursue university studies the opportunity to earn university credits worldwide and/or an advanced course during their last years of high school.

Founding member

Alianza Educativa

Led on a rotating basis by four long-standing educational institutions—Universidad de los Andes, Colegio Los Nogales, Colegio San Carlos and Gimnasio La Montaña—the Alianza Educativa is a non-profit organization that manages eleven public schools in Bogotá to ensure that they provide a high-quality education.

We are part of

Round Square

Round Square is an international network of 200 schools in 50 countries around the world that makes it possible to have cultural and educational experiences inside and outside of Colombia, ensuring access to programs and experiences that help students build life skills such as global competence and character development.

Changemaker Schools

We belong to the Ashoka international organization and are one of Colombia’s “Changemaker Schools.” In 2015 this organization selected our school as one of four institutions throughout Colombia that, through its practices, promotes the essential skills to change the world: empathy, creativity, leadership and teamwork.

Global Connections

Global Connections encourages school leaders around the world to develop global awareness within their educational community. Member schools actively cooperate with each other to promote global commitment and impact. Starting in 2020,  Head of School Camilo Camargo has been elected as the incoming president of the Board of Directors. This is the first time a Latin American leader serves in this role.

Unión de Colegios Internacionales (Union of International Schools) – UNCOLI

UNCOLI is an organization of 25 international schools. We coordinate artistic, cultural and sports activities for our students. As part of this network, we share our campuses to organize these events and have ongoing activities throughout the academic year.