Financial support

As part of our commitment to the democratization of education in Colombia, we have allocated a significant part of our resources to create a Financial Support Program to 1) provide support in the event of temporary economic difficulties among the families in our community; 2) grant scholarships to our teachers’ children; and 3) welcome students with outstanding talent and merit who come from families that share the school’s philosophy but face economic barriers to enrollment.

1. Scholarship for temporary economic difficulties

These types of scholarships are granted to students who are not children of teachers at Colegio Los Nogales, whose parents are experiencing verifiable, recent economic difficulties. The scholarships awarded will be a maximum of one per family. The scholarships will be granted for periods of one academic year and will be renewable for up to a maximum of three full scholarships during a period of five years.

Solidarity fund

During the school year we support families in our community who are experiencing economic hardship by assisting with fees for therapies, tutoring, technology, school supplies, texts and school materials, transportation, uniforms, cafeteria service, First Communion expenses and/or graduation fees, among others.

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2. Scholarships for children of teachers

Awarded to children of full-time teachers at the school. No verifiable economic hardship is required, since these types of scholarships are part of Colegio Los Nogales’ policies at the time of hiring.

3. Excellence scholarships

Since it was founded, Colegio Los Nogales has been committed to establishing a socially diverse community built on meritocracy and it is known as an institution that values and encourages diversity. In line with these foundations, as part of the Financial Support Program, the school has designed Excellence Scholarships with three clear objectives: (1) that our current students benefit from their interaction with new students and families who value a high-quality education and who bring different life experiences; (2) that the students who receive financial support benefit from the academic, sports, cultural, and personal growth opportunities that the school offers; and (3) that the school contributes to building a better country by reducing the gap in access to education.

Within this Financial Support Program, three categories are established that will have a significant impact on the community and on promoting diversity, specifically, Prekindergarten Scholarships, Merit Scholarships, and the Academic Talent Program.


Prekindergarten Scholarships

Colegio Los Nogales encourages an interest in knowledge and, to that extent, the academic excellence and hard work associated with knowledge acquisition. For this reason, it wants to welcome those families who are highly committed to academic achievement and the progress of science, art, culture, and knowledge as members of the school community. In many cases, professionals from these areas cannot cover the entire cost of tuition, so the school has established financial support for this group.

Selected students will receive support for registration and tuition, based on the family’s certified income.

Merit scholarships

Merit scholarships are aimed at students between the ages of 11 and 15 who have not attended Colegio Los Nogales and who are distinguished by their academic excellence and social and emotional strengths. Candidates are expected to be willing to take on significant academic challenges and, together with their families, to commit to completing their schooling at Colegio Los Nogales.

According to their financial situation, the selected students will receive financial support to cover part of the educational costs to attend Colegio Los Nogales for 5th to 8th grades and, in addition, they may receive subsidies for extracurricular activities.

Taking into account the well-being of the program’s participants, support will be provided by internal and external professionals during their time enrolled in the school, if they need it. The necessary support to catch up in academic areas, as appropriate, will also be provided.

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Academic Talent Program

Through a strategic partnership with the Alquería Cavelier Foundation and the Secretary of Education of Cajicá, Colegio Los Nogales is implementing an Academic Talent Program so that outstanding 5th grade students from public schools in that district can enroll in Los Nogales to complete their schooling.

Through this partnership, the school has structured a project to cover the educational costs for the selected students, as well as economic support to be able to participate in school activities such as hikes, conferences, extracurricular activities, social and coexistence activities, among others. For optimal performance, the technology items required by the school’s educational activities will be provided.

Taking into account the well-being of the program’s participants, support will also be provided by internal and external professionals during their time enrolled in the school, if they need it. The necessary support to catch up in academic areas, as appropriate, will also be provided.

After high school graduation, the Program’s goal is for students to continue their higher education at the Universidad de los Andes with the support of the Alquería Cavelier Foundation.

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